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Put your foot down 237, a weekly linky party every Thursday. Stop by and share your WIP’s, UFO’s, finishes, or any fiber arts projects.3

Whats under my foot

Welcome to another episode of Put your foot down. It’s been a full and bumpy week in my neck of the woods. First, we’ve had another round of storms and more coming. My home sits on top of a hill yet the yard is still soggy, how does that happen, lol?

Monday was the release of Round 3 in the Saint Paddy SAL, I love how it is all coming together. You can read all about Round 3 and the SAL itself.

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Tuesday was my day to share in the Reflections Blog Hop. You can read all about it here, and grab a free Satellite pattern download.

reflections collection by island batik, satellite quilt pattern, quiltery, aquiltery, for the love of geese

If that were not enough to keep one busy, the one thing that has consumed most of my time since Monday…reclaiming my identity. Yep, someone stole my identity. It’s like, how did this happen? I have to be in the top 20 of the most paranoid proactive list of people protecting themselves. My mail is shredded, if I don’t call you I am not giving personal information, in addition to other steps I have taken over the years. And if I do call you and you ask for my ss# I am a real bxxch about it, because I still do not know you or how careless you will be after writing it down on a piece of paper. I’ve also reminded people who have written down in my presence to shred it and see that they do.

There are two suspects for how my information was leaked, the aging Experian data breach and the new ATT data breach. Did you know there was an ATT data breach? I didn’t either. So…

Your shares from last week

Vicki makes some amazing runners, this is one of my favorite designs to make as well. You can read more about it at Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting.

Sew Preeti has been a busy quilter. This is just one of the quilts she shared in Put your foot down 236. Peach is another favorite color of mine and this one is gorgeous.

What’s under your foot?

Visit last week’s Put your foot down 236 to see what everyone shared.

I ask that somewhere in the post that you are linking up, that you to share a link back to this post. Thank you for joining the linky party!

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    1. Such a headache, I believe I have reached the end of what I can do. Now to wait and see what they do next. Thank you for always linking up.

  1. I’m SLOWLY working on St. Paddy’s … I have half of the leaf blocks done … I’m going IB scrappy and they will be beautiful!!! Thanks for doing this! I hope you get all of your identity stuff done thoroughly!! What a pain!
    Take care!

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